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Directions to our Church

A.    Our Identity

Highland Avenue Fellowship Church is a local congregation followers of Jesus Christ called to be His witness (Acts 1:8).


B.    Our Vision

Our vision is to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who help others find, live and share the love of God.


C.    Our Mission

The mission of Highland Avenue Fellowship Church is make disciples of Jesus Christ in our community and outward to the ends of the earth. (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8).


A.    Our Core Values


·       We value Scripture. The Bible is the word of God and completely reliable as the source of our faith and authoritative in matters of doctrine and conduct.

Our Staff below strive each day to meet the above criteria and our members reflect these in all they do as disciples of Christ.


Pastor: Tom Pope

Phone: (321) 254-6364 Ext. 10

I am excited to be the senior pastor of a church that “gets it” when it comes to engaging our community with the love of Jesus Christ. My wife, Shirley, and I have served in ministry together since 1982. It has been quite a journey so far. We have raised three children, who have produced nine grandchildren. Last year we were blessed to welcome our first great-grandchild. We have come a long way from being two teenagers in love who married after high school. Shortly after being married, I joined the United States Air Force, where I served for six years. While it is challenging to attend college, seminary and complete post-graduate programs while raising a family and making a living, God’s grace and provision sustained us. I am thankful for the ministry team God has raised up to lead this church into all God has planned. I invite you to experience for yourself the unconditional love God has for you at Highland Avenue Fellowship Church.

 Outreach Minister: Rev. Stephen Reyner

Phone: (321) 254-6364 Ext. 10

Thankful and honored to serve the Lord and his people here at Highland Avenue Fellowship, I can't see anything but growth and good things ahead! From pastoring a historic brick Church in north Georgia during '87-'88 in an old 'Mill Village', where Baptist and Methodist pastors alternated preaching every other Sunday to the same people, to being staff Youth Pastor and Minister to Singles in Detroit, to being a Creative Ministry Consultant in '98-'99,to pastoring growing Methodist Churches in MI, KY, IL and NJ, I've endeavored to encourage people to open up to God's love and grace in Christ Jesus. After serving two years in the stateside US PEACE CORPS in my 50's, I've endeavored to help Highland Avenue Fellowship connect with the greater Melbourne community since '17. I see following Christ Jesus as the greatest adventure and life possible for human beings! THANK YOU for joining us in the worship, study, fellowship and works of service here. Give 'em heaven. 

Business Manager/Treasurer: Ernest (Ernie) Hutman

Phone: (321) 254-6364 Ext. 10

My name is Ernie Hutman, and I am the Business Manager/Treasurer for Highland Ave. Fellowship. I have lived in Florida since 1971 and have been married to my wife Michelle since 1987. We have a daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter who live in Maryland. I have many interests including playing guitar, fishing, and spending time with family and with our two dogs. I spent 34+ years in local government in various administrative roles before coming to the church, and my main role at Highland Ave. Fellowship is to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I accomplish this in several ways; my duties as Treasurer require me to be a good steward of the financial resources that God provides to our church and ensure that we meet all requirements of the United Methodist Church and the law as they pertain to our finances. As Business Manager I am also responsible for the daily operations of the church. The church is much more than what most people see on Sunday mornings; it is a vibrant organization with many roles to play in the community we serve, and it requires an effective administrative team to make everything go smoothly. My role allows our ministry staff to concentrate on their core function which is providing ministry and comfort to our congregation and our community. It is with great pleasure and joy that I am able to perform these functions for Highland Ave. Fellowship, and I am thankful to our Lord that he has given me this opportunity. Please come join us in worship and fellowship. 

Assistant Administrator: Billy Madden

Phone: (321) 254-6364 Ext. 10
Moving all the way from the country of Oman, I have lived in Brevard County since 1997. Since moving to Florida, I have received a Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries in 2013 from Southeastern University and a Master of Arts in Leadership in 2016 from Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS). During my final year at ATS, I began to be involved in community development through my education and serving at Love in the Name of Christ Brevard, and through that experience I began to wonder how does a redeemed, spirit-filled community be a part of holistic change in their radius of influence? In 2018, I joined the Highland Avenue Fellowship staff where you can find me at the front desk during office hours or up in the youth room during youth ministry. On top of ministry, I enjoy traveling, food, and nature; I have been blessed with visiting twelve different countries and hopefully many more in the future!


Director of Worship Music: Dennis Grayson

Phone: (321) 254-6364 Ext. 10

Family and Children's Ministry:

Phone: (321) 254-6364 Ext. 13

1591 Highland Avenue Melbourne, Florida 32935 † 321-254-6363
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